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A romance tour to the Philippines will allow you to meet some of the most beautiful and exotic Asian women. The Philippines, the beautiful island country of Southeast Asia, is a point of attraction for many foreigners for its scenic beauty. Apart from the fantastic weather and viewpoints, the Philippines has a treasure trove of attractive Filipina girls. Westerners first started dating charming Filipina girls through international dating sites. When a foreigner has a positive thought for a Filipina girl and feels the need to meet the Filipina girl, he prepares for a romance tour to the Philippines. Eye-to-eye communication is more convincing than friendly chit-chat. Now, let us reel out the facts about traveling to the Philippines to meet a Filipina girlfriend.

Many foreign guys opt for Filipina girls. The foreigners want to meet and marry the Filipina girls. Many dating sites provide their best services to their members. The craze of online dating with Filipinas has reached a level where Filipina girls have started to think that marrying foreigners is their destiny. Though foreign men have the dominant instinct to go for a Filipina girl, Filipinas and Westerners have vast cultural differences. Be aware of their different cultures if you accept a Filipina girl as your life partner. Culture shock might otherwise be detrimental to you.

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The characteristics of Filipino brides for marriage

Because of their distinctive beauty, Filipina ladies are one-of-a-kind. They took the most outstanding qualities of Asian, Australian, and European ladies and transformed them into fascinating and even enigmatic women. Girls from this lovely country frequently outperform other countries in international beauty pageants. The bulk of them have beautiful black hair and deep, dark eyes, making them attractive when combined with tanned skin and a bright grin. Despite their exotic appearance, Philippine brides are polite and intelligent. Their lively attitude won’t bore anyone. They believe a guy to be a leader because of his conventional attitude toward the family. At the very same time, they have strong personalities and aren’t frightened of hard work. All of the factors above combine to make Filipino spouses ideal life partners. You can be confident that if you choose such a lady, she will not mislead or deceive you.

Beautiful Filipina women are enthusiastic about marrying Westerners. They admire Western men’s attitudes toward women and seek a better life because their country is impoverished. There will be no considerable linguistic barrier. English is an official language in the Philippines; kids learn it at school. Furthermore, most girls are Catholics; therefore, there will be little difference in behavior, standpoints, and morals.

Filipino women are modest and shy

If a foreigner meets a Filipina girl, he will notice one remarkable thing. The significant population of the Philippines believes in one religion, Catholicism. Catholicism is a great religion that teaches women to be conservative, trustworthy, and generous. The traditional Spanish culture resembles Catholicism, as in Western culture, and wives obey their husbands’ words. Though modernism has touched the lifestyle of Filipina girls, many women are still very timid and reticent. They are modest by nature but, at the same time, very shy. If you approach a Filipina girl, you may find hesitation on her part. It is not rude, but they may feel reticent to converse. It will be a wise decision if you can explore whether reluctance is shyness or rejection. She can be uninterested in entangling a relationship with you.

Filipino women are very dependable

This is a crystal-clear fact: Filipina girls are very different from American women in nature. Where Western women are always open for a one-night stay or dating, the scenario in the Philippines is surprisingly diverse. When a Filipina woman enters into a relationship with a Westerner, she always anticipates receiving love and respect from her partner.

The most important factor for a Filipina girl to consider when choosing her husband or boyfriend is malambing. Small gestures that express love for someone are meaningful to Filipinas. It may be a kiss on the forehead, a hug, or holding one’s hand while walking on the road. Filipino men are habituated to Malambing. So, Filipina girls expect this quality even from foreigners.

Filipina girls are also malambing, like Filipino men. Many foreigners are surprised when their Filipina wives are exposed to caring. They wipe off their husband’s sweat with a towel, keep the shirt ready for change, and even prepare food with their hands and wait for their husbands to come to the table to eat. This exclusive quality is rare in Western culture. This patience and caring attitude have made Filipina girls special in the eyes of foreigners.

Filipina girls prefer Western men

Every woman has the dream of marrying a self-sufficient man. Like other women in the world, Filipina girls want to marry a person who is independent financially and emotionally. Quite unfortunately, it happens that a Filipina girlfriend uses her foreign boyfriend for a visa. So, Western men often get afraid of Filipina girls. Westerners are more desirable in the eyes of Filipina girls as they have secured jobs or pensions, their own houses, and other facilities. For a safe and secure future, every woman expects a man to have a reliable job.

Conversely, marrying a foreigner is very risky for a Filipina woman. As the Western and Filipino cultures are different, it will be a big issue for you to take her to your country, which she is not used to. Family bonding is robust in the Philippines. So, when you take her away from her family, you should be careful enough about the Philippines’ culture. When you travel to meet your Filipina girlfriend, you must be familiar with the Philippines’ culture. If you doubt the sincerity and love of your Filipina girlfriend, you should break up and not marry that lady.

Filipina dating: how does it work?

philippines-travelDating in a Western country is very different from dating in the Philippines. Everybody knows that spending time in a bar and having a one-night stand is common in America. But it does not happen in the Philippines. The first relationship stage in the Philippines is called courtship, or “Panliligaw.” At this stage, the man proposes to the woman. The courtship in the Philippines is unique to Western courtship.

One important thing to remember at the time of Panliligaw is arranging the program in women’s homes. In the Philippines, adult single ladies still live with their parents. You have to go to their house and give them flowers. You have to greet their parents by saying “Good afternoon” or “Good evening,” whichever will be appropriate. The woman will entertain you in the living room, where her family can hear and enjoy your conversation.

When you are a boyfriend, your girlfriend’s family will like to get introduced to you. They will care for you as earnestly as they care for their daughter. Sometimes, they will interfere in the relationship between you and their daughter. Please do not get upset when it happens. Try to manage the situation politely and tell them your relationship with your woman is private to you. It will not be comfortable for you if anyone interferes in the relationship.

Meet Filipino girls for marriage at

Suppose you have selected your girlfriend online, started a relationship online, and decided to meet her in the Philippines to get married to her. In that case, your wedding ceremony will differ from the wedding you saw in your country. Marriage in the Philippines is celebrated with grandeur. The Filipina girlfriend’s family, including her mom, dad, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbors, workmates, former and current, and friends, join the wedding party. You must inform your girlfriend before the ceremony if you want a simple wedding party.

When Westerners marry, the bride’s family bears half of the expenses of a wedding ceremony. But, in the Philippines, the groom must pay for the entire wedding cost. The groom pays for dresses, food, venue, etc. As Filipina girls are lovely, loyal, and sensitive, you can travel to the Philippines to meet your Filipina girlfriend with superb relaxation and confidence. Undoubtedly, your romance tour will be one of the most successful.

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Our Asian Club Individual Services are available in specific cities. There is a wide variety of women in these cities, from the typical girl next door to world-class models. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to get to know these lovely women.

We currently offer club tour services in the following areas:

  • Cebu, the Philippines
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  • Bangkok, Thailand
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ALL romance tour reservations include $235 of INSTANT value

Asian Individual Club Tour Membership at Filipina Brides includes:

  • Airport-Pick-Up
    Our staff will assist you in checking into your room and becoming familiar with the hotel’s location once you arrive at the airport.
  • One-on-one Introductions
    You can expect up to three one-on-one introductions daily from our bilingual staff at our local office in your chosen city. It’s possible to wrap up the interview after a 15-minute opening, or you may prefer to move to a more casual setting like a restaurant or coffee house. The staff will recommend several nearby spots. In a more relaxed and public environment, the women will be able to feel more at ease, which will help foster better communication. If you dine at the cafe, you must pay for yourself and your companion. There are translators on hand should the need arise.
  • On-going Introductions for 7, 10, or 14 days
    The hardbound edition of the Asian Women’s Catalog will be available. During regular business hours (Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.), you are welcome to visit the office and peruse the pages of high-gloss photos and accompanying bios.
  • Fiancee Visa package
    To get your wife to the US, the Fiancee Visa package provides a step-by-step guide to completing the necessary paperwork. You need it if you are considering bringing a wife from another country into your life.
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    Choose to attend any dating event at any worldwide location and receive $100 off the event. If available during the time of your travel.
  • Courtesy Service
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  • New Women Applicants and Profiles
    As an Asian Club Member, you will have first choice and daily access to the new applicant profiles as they arrive in our office.

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Filipina women tour Davao and Cebu, Philippines 2024

SelectAsian Romance Tour CitiesFromToDaysCost
Open ReservationChoose LaterChoose LaterChoose Later$475
January 27February 27 days/6 nights$3395
January 27February 510 days/9 nights$3795
January 27February 914 days/13 nights$4295
March 2March 87 days/6 nights$3395
March 2March 1110 days/9 nights$3795
March 2March 1514 days/13 nights$4295
April 20April 267 days/6 nights$3095
April 20April 2910 days/9 nights$3495
April 20May 314 days/13 nights$3895
May 4May 107 days/6 nights$3395
May 4May 1310 days/9 nights$3795
May 4May 1714 days/13 nights$4295
June 8June 147 days/6 nights$3195
June 8June 1710 days/9 nights$3595
June 8June 2114 days/13 nights$3995
August 17August 237 days/6 nights$3395
August 17August 2610 days/9 nights$3795
August 17August 2914 days/13 nights$4295
August 24August 297 days/6 nights$3095
August 24September 210 days/9 nights$3495
August 24September 714 days/13 nights$3895
October 5October 117 days/6 nights$3395
October 5October 1410 days/9 nights$3795
October 5October 1814 days/13 nights$4295
November 16November 227 days/6 nights$2995
November 16November 2510 days/9 nights$3395
November 16November 2914 days/13 nights$3795
December 7December 137 days/6 nights$3395
December 7December 1610 days/9 nights$3795
December 7December 2014 days/13 nights$4295

If you can’t make a tour date, try our Filipina romance tours anytime! Click here for more information about our Asian Club.

Your individual club tour includes:

  • Airport-Pick-Up
    AFA staff will meet you at the airport, escort you to the hotel, check you into your room, and familiarize you with the location.
  • One-on-one Introductions
    Our bilingual staff members will perform up to three daily one-on-one introductions at our local office in your selected city. After a brief introduction period (up to 15 minutes per introduction), you may wish to conclude the interview, or you may want to move to a more casual setting, such as a restaurant or coffee shop. This informal and public setting will provide an atmosphere where the women can feel relaxed and will help enhance communication. If you choose the cafe, you should be prepared to pick up the check for yourself and your guests. Translators are available for additional fees if necessary.
  • On-going Introductions for 7, 10, or 14 days
    You will have access to the AFA Women’s Catalog in its hard-bound edition. You may stop by the office any time during regular business hours (Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.), browse through the pages of large glossy photos, and read the accompanying profile text.
  • Fiancee Visa package ($93.45 value)
    The Fiancee Visa package is a step-by-step guide designed to help you successfully and correctly complete the paperwork necessary to submit to the INS for your fiancée’s visa. It is a must-have reference if you are considering taking a spouse from a foreign country.
  • One-month Platinum Membership 
  • 100 OFF ANYONE_TIME attendance at any dating event.
    Choose to attend any dating event worldwide and receive $100 off the event. If available during the time of your travel,.
  • Courtesy Service
    Our staff members will be available at the office during regular business hours to answer questions and help with questions you may have regarding women, their city, country, or local customs.
  • New Women Applicants and Profiles
    As an Asian Club Member, you will have first choice and daily access to the new applicant profiles as they arrive in our office.

Chat and email beautiful Philippine women directly for dating and marriage.

Thousands of attractive Philippine women are online now.

Here is a partial list of what you will receive with your Singles Tour registration:

Filipina Brides Online: The Executive Plan

The Executive Plan at A Foreign Affair is designed for those who demand the most personalized attention. As an alternative to our standard offerings, we’ve created the Executive Plan to cater to clients needing a more comprehensive and customized approach.

The Executive Plan maximizes our existing infrastructure while providing the client with the highest personalized service and care.

Personal consultants will be assigned to assist you throughout the entire process. You will meet her in person to get to know each other better and build a strong working relationship. The consultant will interact with all our offices throughout the process and oversee all the tasks necessary to produce a list of suitable matches and candidates. The consultant will work closely with you to narrow down a list of potential partners to meet in person once a list of suitable candidates has been compiled. Confidentiality is essential to us, and we take it very seriously. Unless you permit us, we will not share your personal contact information with anyone else.

The Executive Plan includes the following services:

  • A personal meeting is held at our Phoenix offices.
  • The client must complete an extensive questionnaire and a personality assessment.
  • A videotape was made of the client to facilitate introducing the client to prospective matches via our network of foreign offices.
  • Analysis of the questionnaire and personality assessment to gain an understanding of the client, as well as the client’s wants and desires. This careful analysis is instrumental in beginning the matching process.
  • Dissemination of the required information to our vast network of foreign and affiliate offices
  • A personal consultant searches for and coordinates the efforts of foreign offices to select the top 8 to 15 candidates.
  • A personal consultant conducts extensive interviews with all the chosen candidates.
  • 3-way phone or Skype conversations (Phone Translation Service) with all of the candidates (not to exceed a total of 15 hours)
  • Up to a $5000 correspondence credit on Credit has no cash value, and any unused portion will expire at the end of the program.
  • Personal meetings are arranged in any of our offices for the top 8 to 15 candidates. The client will be provided with a personal consultant while in the country who will facilitate the meetings and serve as a matchmaker or translator for the client. The duration of the in-country meetings is a maximum of 14 days. If the client wishes to extend his in-country services beyond 14 days, the fee would be $300.00 per day plus any expenses incurred by the client.
  • Consultation with an immigration attorney specializing in fiancée visas

To summarize,

Going on a dating tour to the Philippines is well worth the effort. You will learn about Filipino history, customs, and culture, but you’ll also have the opportunity to meet many stunning Filipina mail-order brides. Every man’s dream comes true when he spends time with beautiful Filipino women while dancing to live music and enjoying intimate dinners.

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  1. Meet girls in the Philippines. Romance tours provide you a fantastic opportunity for you to meet your Filipina love, Romance tours has frequent group and individual tours to the Philippines. Enjoy the advantages of this great Philippine dating tour. Meet beautiful Asian women on our Romance Tours to the Philippines, China and Thailand. The best Mail order brides services for you.

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    Please indicate where I can obtain clarification or a ruling on the subject.

    Thank you very much

  4. Kramer says: is where I first met my wife. I got interested in one of several Filipino women I met in a very brief period of time, but it quickly became clear that she was attempting to deceive me. (before I met Lotus) Certain considerations to bear in mind

    She is most likely trying to rip you off if she only corresponds with you via e-mail and claims she must visit an internet cafe because she lacks a computer at home or a mobile phone. However, she will send you professional photographs that are of studio quality. I am able to tell you that, with a few exceptions of the extremely impoverished on isolated islands, EVERYONE in the Philippines possesses a mobile phone. If she provides justifications for her inability to participate in a video call with you, proceed to the next matter.

    “We ought to meet” (note that one individual attempted this with me)

    So, you two decide who should travel to finally meet. “I must come to visit you first; it will be more convenient and less expensive,” she advised. EMERGE immediately and obstruct her. Neither is it more convenient nor less expensive for her to pay you a visit. She must possess land in addition to demonstrating that she has stable employment and sufficient funds in her banking account to cover travel expenses, lodging, and accommodations in order to qualify for a B2 tourist visa. Simply put, she would be required to provide evidence to the United States Embassy that justifies her desire to repatriate to her country of origin. A K-1 Fiancé Visa is more readily obtainable than a tourist visa. Proceed with a visit to her. It will be a wonderful experience during which you will have the opportunity to bond with her family…You will develop an appreciation for her authentic nature.

    Avoid sending funds to one’s family. The state of the economy is not as dire as the majority believes. Although COVID has had a significant negative impact on it, its economy is among the strongest in Southeast Asia.

    However, I met Lotus on approximately three weeks into our relationship, and we became fast friends; we engaged in daily video chats, multiple times per day; I flew to the Philippines to spend a week with her; and I also had the opportunity to meet many of her family members. As we enjoyed it, I strengthened my bond with the family. Once you find “the one” and have a truly marvelous woman in your life, you will understand. Lotus and I are currently pursuing K1 visas and are set to get married in 2023.

    She is an extraordinary woman—considerate, selfless, and affectionate—and I am appreciative that I am in her life; I, too, am so fortunate and appreciative to have her in mine.