Why are American men marrying Foreign women ?

Reasons why American men look for foreign brides for marriage

We are living in an age of social globalization. The barriers between the countries are getting blurred, both literally and figuratively. Just check the list of people staying in your building and you would discover sharing roofs with more foreigners than native people. The same can be seen in the case of marriages also. Western men are marrying foreign women in increasing numbers. This is a trend that is fast becoming a norm. Most of the marriages that you see around you are between western males and foreign brides. Be it Thai women, Latin women, Chinese women or Filipino women, American men are preferring foreign women over girls from their own countries.

The increase in international marriages between American males and foreign brides is intriguing. A lot of socio-economic factors are behind this phenomenon. If you are interested we can delve deeper into this and study the reasons minutely. Come; let’s explore the strange world of modern men and women and find out why they are choosing foreign partners.

Why are American men looking for foreign brides for marriage?

The answer to this question can be found in the cultural differences between the two worlds, the east and the west. Ever since modern society was established, both these worlds have diverged in two opposite directions. While the east has clung to its traditional systems, the west has experimented with the social norms and culture, giving rise to new cultural dimensions. Most modern social changes have originated in the west. The western people have experimented with gender roles, women empowerment, and the social institutions and thrown away the old social orders, replacing them with modern, often chaotic new systems. This has given rise to a new set of modern values that the men and women have embraced.

All these changes have affected the way the characters of men and women are shaped. While the western women have come out more confident and self-reliant, loving their sexuality, reversing the gender roles and breaking all social barriers, the men have accepted these changes but not always willingly. Thus, you would find western men still want to marry traditional, warm, loving, and feminine women, which the western females are not. Let us explore these differences more and find out what leads western men to marry women from other countries.

The difference in value system

The way modern America has shaped up would surprise the leaders who created this society. The young Americans are a disgruntled bunch of people without any respect for the social values and the system. The use of drugs and other substances has increased substantially with the younger generation losing its touch with the roots of the country. The women, in particular, have imbibed a careless attitude towards the relationships. They drink, smoke, and use abusive language, like boys. It is strange that the women have picked up all the negative qualities that made their men unpopular.

The women from other countries stand in stark contrast to the western women. The eastern societies are still based on the age-old values of respect and caring. The women stay away from exhibitionism. Foreign women  don’t blindly copy the men; instead, try to maintain their individuality in their dresses and attitude. They respect their culture, are proud of their traditions and preserve them fervently. As per their culture, they behave like ladies.

The traditional women of eastern countries easily find admirers in western men. The western guys are bowled over by the femininity and values of the women from foreign countries.

The issue of independence

Western people, especially the women are fiercely independent. The American society today revolves around the “self”. People always give priority to themselves. The parents take care of the children till they become adults. After that, they are expected to stay on their own. The people are also reluctant to take care of their ailing parents. Usually, the old generation is sent off to care centers. Thus, everyone has to take care of themselves without any help from others. This sense of independence has made people very self-centered. There is no respect for elders.

However, the picture is entirely different in the other half of the world. The people of east revere the family members. In most countries of Asia, the children stay with their parents, even after getting jobs and being married. Moreover, they are responsible for taking care of their parents when they grow old. In some countries, the people stay together with their extended families.

The old age pension or social security is absent in most of these countries which make people depend on each other at times of hardships.

The personal freedom is often sacrificed for the good of the family. The family is always given a high priority and all major decisions like marriage and having children are decided by the family.

No matter how the western people see this, the people from the oriental countries continue this tradition. Be it Thailand or China, you would find women with strong feelings for their families. They toil hard to keep their family members happy. You would find women, although married, still taking care of their parents.
This sense of responsibility towards their families makes foreign women unique. Even after getting married, they show this care and responsibility towards their husbands, kids, and the in-laws.

The western husbands, who are not used to getting the respect and care from their wives, are moved by this. Men who see interracial couples are impressed by this and long to marry foreign wives.

The attitude towards gender roles

The American society is moving towards a neutral gender world. The women have already rejected the gender roles and trying hard to prove that they are equal to men. The women have broken the glass ceilings and proved their mettle. However, in this struggle for dominance, they have lost their femininity too. Most women are into jobs nowadays and look down upon anyone who prefers to be a homemaker. Although they demand equal rights, there are certain issues in which they expect to be pampered or showered with attention. Women, who hate gender roles, still expect men to be chivalrous and this irks the men. Some men even term this as hypocritical.

In contrast, foreign girls have fewer qualms about gender roles. They accept the fact that men and women are different. Although they are into well-paid jobs and are self-reliant, they don’t demean housework. Housekeeping, looking after the kids and the family and all such jobs are equally important to them. The women from eastern countries believe that they are better at housework while men are more capable of handling the outer world. This differentiation of gender roles goes well with the social structure of these countries and hence both men and women have fewer things to complain about.

Outlook towards life

The western world is more materialistic than the eastern countries. Being one of the richest countries of the world, the people are used to a certain standard of living. This has also made them more ambitious. The women expect to live a life of luxury and this often puts pressure on men to earn more and maintain a high lifestyle. When it comes to marrying someone, the career and financial security often become the major decisive factors. Since most western women are used to lead a luxurious life, they cannot think of marrying someone not wealthy and sacrificing these luxuries.

If you look at the eastern world where most countries are in the developing state, having hot showers or riding cars is a luxury that only a few can afford. Most women here are raised with hardships that western people cannot imagine. Thus, these women value the things they get in life. Having a decent home, enjoying good meals and a well-paid job is enough to keep them happy. So, the foreign women can lead a happy life with men earning a modest income. Moreover, these women are more practical and can deal with difficulties more maturely. This makes them ideal partners who can share the worries of their husbands and together build a secured life.

No wonder, the western men find these women more dependable and desirable. They don’t have to pamper their wives with expensive gifts.

The concept of sexuality

One of the major differences between western and eastern world is the way they view sexuality. While the west has seen a sexual revolution with everyone becoming too liberal about it, the east still maintains certain dignities. Thus, you would find western people wearing revealing clothes, talking openly about their sex lives and even indulging in promiscuous behavior. The sanctity of relationships is put at stake in the name of liberty and right to happiness.

Since people do not see any importance of being loyal to their partners, the concept of marriage has become a farce.

Again, in the east, the people consider their bodies to be an abode of God. They don’t discuss sex in public neither do they indulge in frivolous sexual activities. Virginity is a big issue and many men and women only have a single partner for the whole life.

This totally different attitude towards sex, marriage, and loyalty is something that the western world has forgotten entirely. Thus, the men from the west are surprised and at the same time impressed by the modesty of the foreign ladies.

Apart from these reasons, there are other reasons for choosing foreign partners. The western world is highly politicized and people have to watch out even before cracking a joke or making a comment. On a practical note, the cost of divorce and the legal problems that people have to face in America make men wary of marrying women from the same country.

With all these practical and emotional issues, the men are increasingly choosing foreign brides as their life partners. If you are interested in dating a foreign lady, this is the ideal time to do so. With so many online dating sites, finding the ideal life partner would be easy for you.

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