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Dating a Filipina – Travel to the the Philippines to meet your Filipina Girlfriend

Travelling to the Philippines to meet your Filipina Girlfriend

find-love-abroadPhilippines, the beautiful island country of Southeast Asia is the point of attraction for many foreigners for its scenic beauty. Apart from the fantastic weather and viewpoints, Philippines has the treasure of attractive Filipina girls. The Westerners first start dating with charming Filipina girls through the international dating sites. When a foreigner has a positive thought for a Filipina girl and he feels the need to meet the Filipina girl, he then prepares himself for a romance tour in Philippines. Eye-to-eye communication is more convincing than friendly chit-chat. Now, let us reel out the facts of travelling to the Philippines to meet a Filipina girlfriend.

Dating a Filipina girl

filipina-girl-for-marriageMany foreign guys opt for Filipina girls. The foreigners want to meet and marry the Filipina girls. There are so many dating sites which are dedicated to provide their best services to their members. A craze of online dating with Filipinas has reached at a level that Filipina girls have started to think that marrying foreigners is their destiny. Though the foreigners have the dominant instinct to go for a Filipina girl, there is a huge culture difference between a Filipina and a Westerner. If you plan to accept a Filipina girl as our life partner, be aware of their different culture. Otherwise, you may be countered by culture-shock.

Filipina girls prefer Western men

Filipina Dating - Filipinas for Love, Marriage, Romance and friendshipEvery woman bears the dream to marry a man who is self-sufficient. Like the other women in the world, Filipina girls too want to marry the person who is independent both financially and emotionally. Quite unfortunately, it happens that a Filipina girlfriend uses her foreigner boyfriend for a visa. So, the Westerners get afraid of Filipina girls often. Westerners are more desirable in the eyes of Filipina girls as they have secured job or pension, own house and other facilities. For a safe and secure future, every woman expects a man having a reliable job.

On the other side of a coin, marrying a foreigner is very risky for a Filipina woman. As the western culture and Filipino culture are totally different, it will be a big issue for you to take her in your country where she is not used to. The family bonding is very strong in Philippines. So, when you will take her away from her family you should be careful enough about the culture of Philippines. When you will travel to meet your Filipina girlfriend, you have to be familiar with the culture of Philippines.

If you have any doubt about the sincerity and love of your Filipina girlfriend, you should break up and you should not marry that lady.

Filipinas are modest and shy

catholicismIf a foreigner meets a Filipina girl, he will obviously notice one remarkable thing. The major population of Philippines believe in one religion and this is Catholicism. Catholicism is a great religion which teaches women to be conservative, to be trustworthy and to be generous. The traditional Spanish culture has resemblance with the Catholicism as in Spanish culture, wives obey the words which their husbands say. Though modernism has touched the lifestyle of Filipina girls, many women are still now very timid and reticent. They are modest by nature but at the same time very shy. If you approach a Filipina girl, you may find hesitation from her part. It is not that they are rude but they may feel shy to engage in a conversation. It will be wise decision if you can explore that the reticence is for shyness or for rejection. It may happen that she is uninterested to entangle in a relationship with you.

Filipino women are very dependable

loyalThis is crystal clear fact that Filipina girls are very different from American women in nature. Where western women are always open for one-night stay or dating, the scenario in Philippines is surprisingly different. When a Filipina woman gets into a relationship with a Westerner, she always expects to be loved and to be respected by her partner.

Malambing is the most important parameter to get selected by a Filipina girl, as her husband or boyfriend. Small gestures which express love for someone, are meaningful to the Filipinas. It may be kiss on the forehead, hug or holding one’s hand while walking on the road. Filipino men are habituated in malambing. So, Filipina girls expect this quality even in foreigners.

Filipina girls are also malambing like Filipino men. Many foreigners get surprised when their Filipina wives are exposed to be caring. They wipes off husband’s sweat with towel, they keep ready fresh shirt for change, even they prepare food by their own hands and wait for their husbands to come on the table for eating. This exclusive quality is rare in western culture. This patience and caring attitude have made the Filipina girls special in the eyes of foreigners.

Filipina dating – How it works

philippines-travelDating in the western country is very different from dating in Philippines. This is known to everybody that spending time in a bar and having one-night stand are common thing in America. But it does not happen in Philippines. The first stage of relationship in Philippines is called courtship or “Panliligaw”. At this stage the man proposes the woman. The courtship in Philippines is unique than western courtship.

One important thing to be remembered at the time of Panliligaw is arranging the programme in woman’s home. In Philippines, the adult, single ladies live with their parents still now. You have to go to their house, have to gift some flowers or something. You have to greet their parents by saying “Good Afternoon” or “Good evening”, whichever will be appropriate. The woman will entertain you in the living room where her whole family can hear and enjoy your conversation.

When you will be girlfriend and boyfriend, your girlfriend’s family will like to get introduced with your family. They will care for you earnestly as they care for their daughter. Sometimes, they will interfere in the relation of you and their daughter. Do not get upset when it will happen. Try to manage the situation politely and tell them the relationship of you and their daughter is private for you. It will not be comfortable for you if anybody interfere in the relationship.

Marrying a Filipina girl

If you have selected your girlfriend online and have started relationship over online and have decided to meet her in Philippines to get married with her, then your wedding ceremony will be different from the wedding you saw in your country. Wedding in the Philippines is celebrated with grandeur. Filipina girlfriend’s full family including her mom, dad, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, her neighbours, workmates including former and current, friends all join in the wedding party. If you want simple wedding party, you have to inform your girlfriend before the ceremony.

marrying-a-filipinaWhen Westerners marry, the bride’s family bears half of the expenses of wedding ceremony. But, in Philippines, the groom is expected to pay for whole expenses of the wedding ceremony. The expenses for dresses, tux, foods, venue everything are paid by the groom.

As Filipina girls are lovely, loyal and sensitive, you can travel to the Philippines to meet your Filipina girlfriend with great relaxation and confidence. No doubt, your romance tour will be one of the most successful tours in your life.


How to Meet Thai Girls for Dating

How to Meet Thai Girls for Love, Dating & Marriage

Thai Girls for Marriage | Thai datingIt is the dream of many foreigners to find beautiful Thai girls, who will consent to be their steady girlfriends and even turn out to be their wives. Lots of western men step in to this country, with the vision of meeting their dream girls, among the local Thai women. But they do not seem to know the ways about how to meet Thai girls, who can be suitable as per their requirements. Luckily, now there are many convenient ways that can be helpful in this matter.

Meet Thai girls in Bars or Hotels

bars-pubs-thailandMany tourists have the idea that they can find suitable Thai girls in the local bars, nightclubs and hotels of Thailand. But most of the bargirls may not be ready to be life partners; rather they may become as temporary girlfriends and enter into a relationship for only a few days. The Thai girls from conservative families are hardly available in these places and even if they visit there, they are accompanied by their friends or siblings.

Meet Thai girls in Public places

Asian Women for Marriage - Exotic Asian Mail Order Brides.When the foreign tourists roam about the country for sightseeing; they may come across various beautiful Thai girls, in bus-stands, restaurants or shopping malls. But generally, most of the Thai girls are very shy to speak to the unknown foreigners, for which it is quite difficult to make friends with them on the first sight. Moreover, many of them do not know English very well, which is another reason that they are not easily approachable. The tourists also hope to meet the Thai girls in various beaches or the tourist spots, though they are more likely of not being able to speak to them, due to language barriers. In that case, it is best to learn a few Thai words or phrases, which may help them in establishing contacts with their chosen Thai girls.

Meet Thai girls through online dating sites

Meet Asian women online with Thai Brides, the #1 dating site for serious relationships and marriages.Many modern Thai girls now enroll themselves and upload their profiles in some reputed local dating sites, with the hope of getting suitable life partners. Most of them mention that the option of foreign partners is perfectly acceptable for them. The men from foreign lands can easily get enrolled in these sites and find out their matches from the database of these interested Thai girls. In this way, they can know about the interests and the preferences of their chosen Thai girls, which help them to carry on in their relationships. Moreover, they may even get over the shyness of the Thai girls, by contacting them through the messages sent via these dating sites. These dating sites are the most suitable for any foreigner, to get ideal Thai girlfriends, as these sites also have the options of translating the messages from English to Thai and vice versa.

Meet Thai Girls at Thai Brides

Exotic mail order brides - Asian bridesTherefore, it is best for these foreigners to enroll in these Thai dating sites and try out their lucks about finding their soul mates. Now they do not to be tensed about how to meet Thai girls, due to the services of these dating sites. Then they may take their relationships with their chosen girls even further, by sending them gifts or asking them for a dinner in any fine restaurant; later they may also take them out for dating to any nice place of Thailand. But the most impressive way for pleasing a Thai girl is to become acquainted with her family and mix pleasantly with them. Also, she should be spoken to, with real sincerity and sweetness, so that she may be convinced for entering into a relationship with that foreigner. But her conservative culture should be respected by that foreign lover too.


Thai Girls Make Better Girlfriends

Reasons Why Thai Girls Make Better Girlfriends Than Western Women

Find Beautiful Thai Girls for Marriage Every young man wants to have a suitable girlfriend, who may later turn into his life partner. The men from the western countries are particularly very choosy about the selection of their girlfriends, whom they want to be pleasant both in looks and manners. Nowadays, many western men are seen to prefer Thai girls as their girlfriends, due to various important reasons, which make them think that Thai girls make better girlfriends than Western women. So they often browse through the dating sites that provide them the profiles of matching Thai girls for dating.

Why men choose Thai brides ?

  1. Thai women are more beautiful than western women – Most of the Thai girls look extremely beautiful, with smooth and shiny skins, long and silky hair, as well as overall lovely appearances. Hence, the western men find them to be highly attractive, in comparison to the young girls of their own countries.
  2. Thai beauties seek mature men for marriage. Thai Wives for Marriage.Thai women have a sweeter smile than their western counterparts – As Thailand is also known as ‘Land of Smiles’, the name is justified by the sweet smile of the women of this country. All the Thai people are generally seen to be very positive natured, which is reflected by their broad and tension free smiles. The western men are known to be really impressed on first sight, by the innocent and charming smiles of the young Thai girls, which cannot be found in most of the Western girls. The bright smiles of these Thai girls make the men forget all their tensions and problems in life, making the world seem to be a better place to live in.
  3. Thai women don’t complain easily – Thai women rarely complains about the trivial things in daily life and with regard to the little mistakes made by their boyfriends. They do not get easily irritated on being kept waiting for long time on their dates, or for not sending them regular text messages; something that can anger a western girl too much. They readily hear the explanations and also accept them more easily, which make the relationship easier for their boyfriends. Even if there is any serious mistake committed by their chosen men, the Thai girls are ready to forgive them, as long as they are really sorry for it or provide a valid reason for the misbehavior.
  4. A Thailand Wife - Thai Brides, Romance Tours To Thailand, Thai Women for Marriage.Thai women have slimmer and attractive bodies – Thai women and girls are normally very slim and healthy, with attractive figures; which play a vital role in pleasing the western men. These girls keep themselves very fit and active, which make them successful in sports and other activities of daily life. Often they are known to practice Yoga and other forms of fitness regimes, for maintaining the beauty of their figures, for which they also look younger than their actual age. So a slim Thai girl looks much better than a slender figured western girl, which is more appealing in the eyes of any man.
  5. Thai women are easy going – Thai women mostly agree to their boyfriends, regarding the place and time of their dating or in other matters of their relationship. Usually, they let their men take the decisions, something that fits the male ego perfectly, leading to stable relationships. Moreover, they are much more compromising in nature than their western counterparts and do not force the men to act according to their wills.
  6. Thai women make better wivesThai women make better wives in the long run – The mentality of the Thai girls are very compatible for becoming good wives for any men. The Thai wives can cook delicious meals and maintain the household works in a perfect way, which make the life of a man much easier and tension free as a husband. Most of the Thai girlfriends want stable relationships and readily accept to be the life partners of their boyfriends. As the wife, a Thai girl prefers to cherish this relationship for whole life, which another reason why the western men think that Thai girls make better girlfriends than Western women.

How to find a Filipina girlfriend ?

How to find a Filipina girlfriend

Philippines is the place of beauty and culture. Likewise, Filipina girls are exquisite. Nowadays this is a craze to find the life partner online. Online dating is a unique way to find out the partner according to your own passion. So, this is easy to find a reliable Filipina girlfriend through Filipina Dating Sites. Now have a glance on the interesting Filipina dating sites which can gift you a loyal relationship. Among the various Filipina dating sites, considering the authenticity, we can depend on few dating sites. These are illuminated here :

Top filipina dating sites Filipina Brides is the most famous online dating sites for finding a lovely Filipino woman. Western men who are looking for long-term relationship or finding a match for marriage, this site is a great place to start. It is a legitimate Filipina dating site.

  1. You are FREE to join and you do not have to pay.
  2. They have 1000’s of hot Filipino women and Asia.
  3. Operated out of Phoenix, Arizona.
  4. Offers well-organized romance tours to the Philippines.
  5. It is one of the largest, most well-known companies in the business.
  6. These Filipino girls will not rush for your money or will not ask for any financial assistance. If anybody approaches you for money, you should be confirmed that she is scammer.
  7. A well-designed and systematic site will provide you the best experience.
  8. For better communication, language translator features are added to Filipina Brides. Now anybody can not speak English,will not be deprived of getting the scope to join this site. : After Filipina Brides,PinaLove is the second largest Filipino dating site.

  1. This site has uncountable numbers of hot Filipina women who do not ask for money.
  2. Pina Love has variety of users .So huge options are there to find out a girlfriend.
  3. Just by three easy and simple steps you can reach your girlfriend. First, you have to set up your account and have to log in. Secondly,you have to browse online to get a Filipina girlfriend and have to filter the options of age and location. Thirdly, you have to search someone for whom you will feel interested and have to click the profile for sending message.
  4. Sending message is free in PinaLove but you have to pay charges for chat.
  5. PinaLove allows every member to upload his or her photos as many as they can. There is no restriction. This feature gives confidence to the members and helps in proper communication. : This is the most authentic dating sites having more than 2 million members from USA, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam and from other Asian countries.

  1. Standard or free members can send or receive mails from other members including Gold and Platinum members.
  2. Automated matching system of this site helps to find potential perfect match.
  3. The users can filter the searches by the criteria like appearance, culture, background, age, location, etc.
  4. Instant messaging and video features are available here but these are available only for paying members. : Christian Filipina is the best site for men who are ready to marry a Filipina. This site is consisted of Romance Consultants, rapid Support Staff, expert Technicians and Marketing teams.

  1. This site is very strict in verifying the members profiles. So, it’s safe from scammers.
  2. Webcam chat and contacting other members are available for paying members.
  3. This Filipina dating site is easy and simple to use. : Filipinokisses is one of the most dependable Filipina dating sites. It is beneficial for those who want to be entangled in a serious relationship. This dating site has countless ,convincing success stories which can assure you that love can bloom online.

  1. This Filipina dating site is simple and uncomplicated.
  2. The site is well-designed, active and intuitive.

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